Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

At Rehabot, Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Clinic, we treat the sequelae during and after the onset of possible outbreaks, using tools that parameterize the exercises and activities in order to control cardiorespiratory or muscular fatigue, developing strategies that seek the maximum functionality of the patient.

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In Rehabot we focus on occupational therapy as a rehabilitation treatment for multiple sclerosis.

We teach and accompany the patient at all times to regain their skills and their ability to move to do basic activities, postural control such as walking, which they did before suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Occupational therapy is an essential task in the rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis to achieve the maximum possible recovery through the relearning of residual abilities.

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    Why is rehabilitation important?

    Neurological therapy helps the person who has had multiple sclerosis to prevent, maintain, rehabilitate, compensate or adapt the person's abilities that are affected. In Rehabot we work mainly on postural control, transfers, gait, lower and upper limbs, reaching, manipulation of objects through manipulations and meaningful activities for the person.

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