Occupational Therapy, foundation of Neurological Rehabilitation

At Rehabot, a Neurological Occupational Therapy center in Malaga, we try to attend each patient in a personalized way with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Our methods are the Neurological Rehabilitation (we teach and accompany the patient at all times to recover their skills and ability to move) and Bobath Treatment (restore and recover the body movements that have been affected as a result of the disease suffered).

Neurological Occupational Therapy is a social-health profession whose main function is to provide the person with greater autonomy and quality of life by using occupation as a means of rehabilitation, based on a specialized assessment and the implementation of a treatment plan.

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    Benefits of Occupational Therapy

    Re-establishing affected body movements

    Through specific exercises and techniques, we work to restore affected body movements and improve coordination, strength and dexterity.

    Motor control and learning

    Improve the coordination of movements and learn new motor skills, such as the proper use of tools or instruments.

    Muscular and neural plasticity

    Through repetition and guided practice, new neural connections can be formed and muscles can be adapted to improve functionality.

    Recovery of basic activity

    By working on basic activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, eating and mobility, independence and self-management are promoted.

    Teaching day-to-day independence

    We teach strategies and techniques to make people more independent in their daily routines.

    Adaptation to real-life environments

    We address specific obstacles in the home, workplace or community, enabling them to successfully participate in their activities and roles.

    For who is this treatment for?

    Individuals who have an illness or injury that has affected their ability to be independent in daily activities will benefit from neurological occupational therapy.
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    Residential Homes 100%
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    Occupational Therapy for your well-being


    What to expect from my treatment?

    The first session begins with an initial evaluation. Subsequently, an agreed set of goals and a treatment or intervention plan are established. Treatment is based in the individual's home. During the treatment and at the end of it, we would study the results obtained, checking the achievement of the proposed objectives in their real environment. Finally, a follow-up is carried out so that capacities can be maintained and a sedentary lifestyle can be avoided through the exercise and activity guideline.


    How long would my treatment last?

    There is no required number of Occupational Therapy treatment sessions and the amount of therapy varies greatly between individuals. After the initial evaluation and the provision of a treatment plan, your occupational therapist will be in a position to indicate the expected duration of treatment.


    How do I know if my occupational therapist is fully qualified?

    Rehab OT occupational therapists are members of the College of Occupational Therapists of Andalusia (COPTOAND) and have extensive experience in many fields. In addition, they are shown in continuous training, taking courses and workshops of considerable hours that allow professional development each year.


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