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Our professionals are members of the College of Occupational Therapists of Andalusia (COPTOAND) and have extensive experience in individuals and organizations.

Thanks to our first-rate administrative team, we perform fluid and efficient services, carrying out exhaustive evaluations and detailed reports on each of our patients.

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    Frequent questions

    Occupational Therapy is a socio-health profession whose main function is to provide the person with greater autonomy and quality of life, using occupation as a means of rehabilitation, based on a specialized assessment and the implementation of a prescribed treatment plan.

    People who have an illness or injury that has affected their ability to be independent in daily activities will benefit from occupational therapy.

    The first session begins with an initial evaluation. Subsequently, an agreed set of goals and a treatment or intervention plan are established. Treatment is based in the individual’s home. During the treatment and at the end of it, we would study the results obtained, checking the achievement of the proposed objectives in their real environment. Finally, a follow-up is carried out so that capacities can be maintained and a sedentary lifestyle can be avoided through the exercise and activity guideline.

    There is no required number of Occupational Therapy treatment sessions and the amount of therapy varies greatly between individuals. After the initial evaluation and provision of a treatment plan, your occupational therapist will be in a position to indicate the expected duration of treatment.

    Rehab OT occupational therapists are members of the College of Occupational Therapists of Andalusia (COPTOAND) and have extensive experience in many fields. In addition, they are shown in continuous training, taking courses and workshops of considerable hours that allow them professional development each year.

    Málaga, Marbella, Coín, Mijas, Casares, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Estepona, Fuengirola, Benahavís, Torremolinos, San Pedro de Alcántara, Alhaurín el Grande


    What diseases do we treat?

    Rehab OT provides private Occupational Therapy services throughout the Costa del Sol area. Its professionals are members of the College of Occupational Therapists of Andalusia (COPTOAND) and have extensive experience in individuals and organizations.


    The objective is to achieve the maximum possible recovery through the relearning of residual capacities, in addition to preventing possible complications. Intensive, specific and meaningful practice will generalize the learning and transfer the new changes.


    Multiple Sclerosis

    We treat the sequelae during and after the appearance of possible outbreaks, using tools that parameterize exercises and activities with the aim of controlling cardiorespiratory or muscular fatigue, developing strategies that seek the maximum functionality of the patient.


    Traumatic Brain Injury

    At Rehab OT we have opted for the use of some specific elements in TBI rehabilitation, such as dynamic weight support systems, which can play a differentiating role, combining aerobic and strength training and obtaining very good results.


    Spinal Injury

    We are committed to maximizing the potential of people with spinal injury, regardless of the type and level of spinal involvement. We adapt to the present deficits through the use of the latest technologies, using technological elements during the treatment.



    We work on factors such as strength, cardiorespiratory capacity and gait training in all phases of the disease. We promote an active lifestyle in this neurodegenerative pathology, and we provide the necessary support to promote behavioral change for it.


    Childhood Neuropathologies

    Paediatric rehabilitation based on giving importance to the family and school environment, and maintaining a playful character, in order to encourage active learning. We guide the child's development, encouraging essential autonomy and acting on possible future complications.