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What is Mirror Therapy?


This revolutionary approach involves the use of mirrors to create the illusion of movement in the affected part of the body, generating visual feedback that stimulates the brain. 

Imagine having the ability to “trick” the brain to speed up the rehabilitation process. That’s exactly what mirror therapy accomplishes.

How Does Mirror Therapy Work?

Now, let’s delve into the mechanism behind this technique. During a mirror therapy session, the patient makes movements with the unaffected part of the body while observing the reflection in the mirror, creating the illusion that the affected part is also moving. 

This visual stimulus activates specific areas of the brain, promoting neuroplasticity and facilitating functional recovery.

Benefits of Mirror Therapy

Mirror therapy is not just an intriguing technique; It has also demonstrated tangible results. 

From improving mobility and coordination to reducing the perception of pain, the benefits are multifaceted. 

This approach has proven especially effective in cases of stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neuromotor disorders.

Where is mirror therapy headed? 

Currently, this technique is used in various disciplines, from physical rehabilitation to pediatric neurology. 

Its versatility has opened doors to continued research, exploring new applications and refining existing ones. 

We can expect mirror therapy to play a crucial role in the future of neurological rehabilitation.

At RehabOT, we embrace mirror therapy as an integral part of our cutting-edge approach to neurological rehabilitation. 

Our highly trained professionals personalize each session, adapting the technique to the unique needs of each patient. 

We believe in constant innovation and providing treatments that not only heal, but also empower.


In conclusion, mirror therapy is not only a revolutionary tool in neurological rehabilitation today, but also promises to be a motivating force in the future. 

If you are looking for a unique approach that combines proven with innovation, mirror therapy could be the path to a faster and more effective recovery.

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